Need A Valuation On Your Property?


If you want to value your property, We are a company that has been in existence for over 25 years. As such you can be confident that we have the necessary expertise to offer a variety of different valuation services.


Castle Property Consultants offers a wide range of valuation services such as


  1. Residential Land & Houses – Current & Historical Market Values, Deceased Estates, Family Law, Easements
  2. Commercial & Industrial –  Superannuation Compliance, Capital Gains, Company Portfolio Values
  3. Historical Properties & Valuer General Assesment Reviews
  4. Strata Unit Entitlements – New & Re-Determinations
  5. Retail Leases and Lease drafting reviews
  6. Rent Determination
  7. Values In Dispute

As registered valuers with government institution experience, our reports are relied upon to be impartial and well supported with in-depth research on various issues relating to property, so that informed decisions can be made.


We don’t do Bank requested Valuations to maintain independence and conduct reports without 3rd party policy influences on the outcomes.


For any general or specific valuation enquiries,  you may require.


Please call us directly on (02) 4915 8888 and speak with the valuer that will be actually conducting the report you may need and we will be more than happy to assist you.


Simply say hi below so we can chat.