Adriano Rossi

Adriano Joined CASTLE in February 2007 and now has over 13 years in the industry selling a vast array of properties.

3rd generation real estate consultant, Adriano comes with a significant history and understanding of the process.

Experienced in the deal and quick to react, it’s constant forward-thinking in negotiation and marketing. With you and your asset in the front of mind, always. And it’s this ability to push the boundaries on what can be done.

He’s a fast mover who knows how to get the most out of your property the moment he walks in the door.

Adriano Rossi is a Licenced Castle Property Estate Agent.

His passion for the deal and love of family and life are what underpins his every success. it's hard not to find Andy's positive attitude and enthusiasm for his daily endeavours infectious, and when coupled with his caring nature, his potential to find value and excite buyers about your home is his main goal.

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